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Quizalofop-P-Ethyl Standard

GA02042 - 98%

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    Quizalofop-P-Ethyl is a selective, postemergence phenoxy herbicide. It is used to control annual and perennial grass weeds in potatoes, soybeans, sugar beets, peanuts vegetables, cotton and flax. The compound is absorbed from the leaf surface and is moved throughout the plant. It accumulates in the active growing regions of stems and roots. Quizalofop-P and quizalofop-p-ethyl should not to be confused with quizalofop or quizalofop ethyl. These latter two compounds are distinctly different than the former two.

    We can offer standards of the Quizalofop-P-Ethyl. This will be of interest to agrochemical sponsors and analytical labs.

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