Trinexapac-ethyl Standard


4-(Cyclopropyl(hydroxyl)methylene)-3,5-dioxocyclohexanecarboxylic acid

  • CAS RN: 143294-89-7
  • Mol Formula: C11H12O5
  • Mol Weight: 224.22

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    Trinexapac-ethyl is a plant growth regulator that reduces the risk of lodging in Wheat, Barley and Oats and promotes seed yield increases in Ryegrass seed crops. It is absorbed rapidly through the leaves and stems of grass plants and moves quickly to the growing points. Trinexapac-ethyl is converted to trinexapac in the plant tissue and slows growth by inhibiting gibberellin synthesis. This reduces cell elongation which shortens internode length and this reduces plant height. In ryegrass, shortened straw length delays lodging which improves pollination and results in increased seed set.

    We can offer standards of the Trinexapac-ethyl. This will be of interest to agrochemical sponsors and analytical labs.